Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying


HIB Reporting Hotline

If you feel that the student is in immediate danger, please dial 911.






This URL is specific to the Roselle School District. This URL provides access the district's public reporting form, from which users can submit incidents to HIBster. No password or credentials are required to complete the form; parents or concerned individuals can submit an incident anonymously.



To report an alleged HIB violation please provide the following:

  1. Your name and contact information
  2. Name and grade of the alleged target.
  3. Name of the person or persons responsible for the alleged HIB violation.
  4. Description of the alleged incident, and any other information you feel would be helpful.

This information may also be given anonymously. If you feel uncomfortable reporting an incident to the school principal, you may also report an incident anonymously.


If you are the victim of an unsafe situation in school – harassment, intimidation, bullying, weapons violations, dating abuse– or know someone who is experiencing those abuses, you can anonymously pass on that information through this hotline. Letting an adult know is a first step in addressing an unsafe situation. You can report information either by phone or online. 


*If after reporting the alleged incident to the Hotline you still would like to speak with someone, please refer to the contact information listed below:



Abraham Clark High School

Principal: Rashon Mickens  x2005

Email address: rmickens@roselleschools.org

Grace Wilday Junior High School

Principal: Tomeeko Hunt x2165

Email address: thunt@roselleschools.org   

Leonard V. Moore Middle School

Principal: Craig Messmer x2049

Email address: cmessmer@roselleschools.org   

Washington Elementary School 

Principal: Marianne Tankard x2074

Email address: mtankard@roselleschools.org   

Harrison Elementary School

Principal: Melissa Nevarez x2054

Email address: mnevarez@roselleschools.org

Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary School

Principal: Andreea Harry  x2063

Email address: aharry@roselleschools.org

Kindergarten Success Academy

Principal: Nathan L Fisher  x2204

Email address: nfisher@roselleschools.org   

Roselle Preschool

Principal: Carla Wynter  x8014

Email address: CWynter@roselleschools.org   


Anti-Bullying Specialists



Sisly Cooper scooper@roselleschools.org   

Nicole Iannotta niannotta@roselleschools.org  

Jordan Siegel jsiegel@roselleschools.org   

Lola Williams lwilliams@roselleschools.org   



Rebecca Richardson rrichardson@roselleschools.org  

Jason Hernandez Jhernandez@roselleschools.org   


LV Moore 

Dgyna Lorquet dlorquet@roselleschools.org 

Tiffany Blurete tblurete@roselleschools.org 



Christine Cutinello ccutinello@roselleschools.org



Jasmine Martin jmartin@roselleschools.org 



Jason Robbins jrobbins@roselleschools.org 



Chantea Benson cbenson@roselleschools.org 



Ms. Carla Wynter cwynter@roselleschools.org



Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Susan Matteson x3393 smatteson@roselleschools.org   

Resources for Parents and Students






HIB Policy
HIB Definition
HIB School Self Assessment Grade December 2015-2016
Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights District and School Grade Report 2013-2014
Parent Tutorial Part 1
Parent Tutorial Part 2
Parent Tutorial Part 3
Parent Tutorial Part 4
Conflict vs. HIB Fact Sheet
NJ Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act. Fact Sheet for Parents
HIB Reporting Form
2018 Presentation for HIB NJDOE School Self Assessment 17-18
NJDOE Self-Assessment for Determining Grades Under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act RPS 2018-2019

HIB Self Assessment Report

Scores listed are a result of each school buildings school year self‐assessment and is intended to help districts and schools enhance anti‐bullying programs, processes and implementation of the Anti‐Bullying Bill of Rights (ABR). A score of 52 indicates that the school has met all the ABR requirements. A score between 53 and 78 indicates that the school has exceeded the ABR requirements.

Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights District and School Grade Report 2013-2014

HIB School Self Assessment Grade December 2015-2016

District and School Grade Report

2019 Roselle HIB Reporting Form