Language Arts


2019-2020 District Instructional and Curricular Expectations and Requirements for ELA and Social Studies

2019-2020 ELA District Benchmark Assessment Schedule
District Benchmark Writing Assessment Guideline
KSA Assessment Schedule

Student Portfolio ( Purpose, Components, Guidelines)
Electronic Portfolio Tools
Kindergarten Student Writing Reflection
K Grade Student Writing Portfolio Collection 1st. Grade Student Writing Portfolio Collection
2nd Grade Student Writing Portfolio Collection
Grades 3-5 Student Writing Portfolio Collection
Grades 6- 8 Student Writing Portfolio Collection
Grades 9-12 Student Writing Portfolio  Collection Student Reflection Grades 3-12

Instructional Strategies
5 Simple Close Reading Strategies
A Complete Packet on Socratic Seminar
Discussion Protocols K-6
Marzano's Six Steps to Effective Vocabulary Instruction
Multiple Approaches to Monitoring Student Understanding 2009
Process for Preparing for Guided Highlighted Reading
Quick Write Procedure
Socratic Seminar -A Reading  and Discussion Strategy
Socratic Seminar Rules
Socratic Seminar Personal Reflection
Writing The Analytical Essay
Research Paper Guide

Common Rubrics
NJDOE K-1 Writing Rubric ( Developmental Writing Continuum)
Grade 2 Narrative Scoring Rubric
Grade3-ELA-Literacy Scoring Rubric July 2015 Grade4-5-ELA-LiteracyScoringRubric-July2015
Grades 6-11-ELA-Literacy Scoring Rubric-July 2015
Group Discussion and Participation Rubric
Oral Presentation Rubric
Socratic Seminar Analytic Rubric
Socratic Seminar Rubric