Instructional Technology

Working in tandem, the Instructional Technology and Technical Support departments align with the district's Technology Mission Statement in providing support to all teachers and Administrators with the most advanced support that prepares our students to be globally competitive individuals.

The Roselle Public School District department of Instructional Technology, under the direction of Dr. Shakirah Harrington, has an exceptional faculty who has the knowledge in utilizing technology into the classrooms. Our technology integration mentors (TIMs) takes pride in working with the students and staff members in embedding technology into our PreK-12 curriculum. Each teacher is provided with training that focus on direct student instruction along with the use of computer technologies that facilitates integration into the classroom curriculum.

The technical support services for Roselle Public School District is maintained by a team of technicians under the guidance of Mr. Kevin Moss. Stationed throughout our schools, the technical support staff works closely with our Instructional Technology Department to help all teachers and students understand and increase technological productivity, both inside and outside the classroom.
Please make sure you submit your technology support requests via the HelpDesk System.