Visual and Performing Arts K-12

Roselle Public School District Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Overview
Model Curriculum Visual & Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts Curriculums by Content Area

General Music Grades K-4
General Music Grades 5-6
Instrumental Music Grades 5-6
Vocal Music Grades 5-6
General Music Grades 7-8
Vocal Music Grades 7-8
Instrumental Music Grades 7-8
Instrumental Music Grades 9-12
Vocal Music Grades 9-12
Piano I Grades 9-12
Piano II Grades 9-12
Music Appreciation Grades 9-12

Visual Arts/Fine Arts
Visual Arts Grades K-4
Visual Arts Grades 5-6
Visual Arts Grades 7-8
Fine Arts Grades 9-12

Dance Grades K-4
Dance Grades 5-6
Dance Theory Grades 9-12

Theatre Grades K-4
Theatre Grades 5-6
Theatre Grades 9-12

Model Curriculums for New Programs/Courses


                                                     Dance Grades 7-8                                                     
Dance Grades 9-12

Theatre Grades 7-8

Orchestra Grades 9-12

2018/Model Curriculum Pacing Guides

 Pacing Guide Dance Grades 7-8
 Pacing Guide Theatre Grades 7-8
 Pacing Guide Dance Grades 9-12
 Pacing Guide Theatre Grades 9-12
 Pacing Guide Instrumental Music Grades 9-12
 Pacing Guide Orchestra Grades 9-12

Additional Intervention Strategies for Visual and Performing Arts
Gifted and Talented Strategies
ESL/Bilingual Interventions and Modifications by Content Area
Title 1/Basic Skills Interventions and Modifications
Mainstream Teachers of English Language Learners Handbook
Technology Resources:
Digital Citizenship Lessons
Cross Curriculum Integration Guide
NJSLS Technology Standards