Career & Technical Education

Choice & Careers Curriculum   


Business Administration & Management 

10th Grade   -   Level1 :        General Business

11th Grade    -  Level 2:        Team Management and HR

12th Grade   -   Level 3:        Business Administration and Management

Banking & Financial Support Services

10th Grade   -   Level1 :        General Business

11th Grade    -  Level 2:        Introduction to Banking and Teller Operations

12th Grade   -   Level 3:        Financial Support Services

 Marketing Management

10th Grade   -   Level1 :        General Business

11th Grade    -  Level 2:       Introduction to Marketing

12th Grade   -   Level 3:       Marketing Communications Advertisement

Computer Science

10th Grade   -   Level1 :        Computer Science I

11th Grade    -  Level 2:        Computer Science II- Internet technologies

12th Grade   -   Level 3:         Computer Science III- Internet technologies

Culinary Arts 

10th Grade   -   Level1 :        Culinary Arts I

11th Grade    -  Level 2:         Culinary Arts II

12th Grade   -   Level 3:         Culinary Arts III

Graphic Design

10th Grade   -   Level1 :        Graphic Design I

11th Grade    -  Level 2:        Graphic Design II

12th Grade   -   Level 3:        Graphic Design III

Health Occupations 

10th Grade   -   Level1 :        Medical Terminology

11th Grade    -  Level 2:        Emergency and Clinical Care    
Articulation with Rutgers University

12th Grade   -   Level 3:        Dynamics of Healthcare       

Articulation with Rutgers University

Gifted and Talented Strategies
ESL/Bilingual Interventions and Modifications by Content Area
Title 1/Basic Skills Interventions and Modifications
Mainstream Teachers of English Language Learners Handbook


Technology Resources:
Digital Citizenship Lessons
Cross Curriculum Integration Guide
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