Title I

Title I is a federal grant program that provides financial assistance to schools in an effort to provide all children with a fair and equal opportunity to a high-quality education. Title I funds are earmarked for academically at-risk students to assist them in achieving the state’s academic standards.

In accepting these federal funds, the Roselle School District agrees to comply with all state and federal requirements related to the development, implementation, and evaluation of federally funded compensatory education programs such as the Title I program.

Roselle’s Title I program funds the salaries of additional teachers and instructional coaches who provide academic support in general education classrooms. Title I funds are also used for a number of before and after school tutorial programs, a summer enrichment program, and Family Literacy and Family Math Night events. Furthermore, the Supervisor of NCLB/Title I holds an annual parent meeting to discuss Title I initiatives and works collaboratively with parents to assess and modify the program as needed.

The Roselle Public District utilizes its Title I funds through a schoolwide program at Leonard V. Moore Middle School and Abraham Clark High School, where all of the students are eligible for Title I services. The district also operates a targeted assistance program for Language Arts and Mathematics in the following schools: The Kindergarten Success Academy, Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary, Harrison Elementary, Washington Elementary, and Grace Wilday Junior High School where certain students are targeted for Title I academic interventions. Students are selected for the targeted assistance program through multiple measures of criteria such as scores on standardized tests, marking period grades, and teacher and parent recommendations. The parents of all Title I students receive notification of this placement and must return a signed letter acknowledging their child’s placement into the Title I program. In addition, progress reports are sent home along with the student’s report card to show parents how their child is progressing. Throughout the school year, the progress of students enrolled in the Roselle Title I targeted assistance program will be monitored, and if the student achieves a mastery level on all identified areas in Language Arts and Mathematics, the student will be recommended to exit the program.

For more information about the Roselle Title I program, please contact William Jones, Supervisor of NCLB/Title I at 908-298-2067.

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